vegan mayonnaise got me like whoa

Hi everyone!

When you have an EGID, strange things excite you. Today, for me, it was the finding of vegan mayo. Yes, you heard me right folks. No eggs in that bad boy!

I was introduced to the concept of mayo without eggs at the EOS Connection (yet another reason on the list of 231435 reasons that was an awesome weekend). Not that I particularly enjoy mayo–I actually never ate it or really even liked it. What I like, however, is creamy aioli sauces. I also happen to like buffalo chicken. And I LOVE chicken salad.

So, when I was on handy dandy pinterest looking for a recipe to whip together for dinner tonight (hubby is traveling so I’m fending for myself) and I found BUFFALO CHICKEN SALAD, I just about fell off my seat. Mostly because I had a bottle of brand spankin’ new vegan mayonnaise burning a hole in my pantry that was just begging to be used!

Okay- am I a loser or what? Husband, if you’re reading this, you need to come home. I think I hit an all time low of boredom this week while you’ve been gone!! Isn’t that much apparent by my blogging about mayonnaise? All of my followers are probably going to drop me like a hot potato after this one.

Ok! Anywho– I made this buffalo chicken salad recipe that is linked at the bottom but I used my VEGAN mayo and I just threw in the spices that make “ranch seasoning” without using a package because all good EGID patients (and caregivers) know that packs of seasoning are a big no no! And who needs them anyway- they are just chock full of extra sodium! So screw ’em!! I also used extra veggies because, well, health and stuff.

And, people, this ish is GOOOOOOD. Like, I had to put it in a container and put it away so I didn’t consume 1000 calories in one sitting kind of good. Maybe I just am really excited about chicken salad re-entering my life but I’ll take it!

Here is a photo for your salivating pleasure:


PS- I used the 365 vegan mayo from Whole Foods which I think is also soy free but I am not currently off of soy so please don’t quote me.

Here is the link to the original recipe. –>Get after it and enjoy!!





3 thoughts on “vegan mayonnaise got me like whoa

  1. Kimber says:

    So glad you loved it as much as we do! I have a lot of Whole30 chicken salad recipes and homemade flavor seasonings on my site. Hopefully you will get to try some more!


    • nkbrough says:

      Thanks so much! I absolutely will be checking out more of your recipes…or maybe I shouldn’t because I have eaten WAY more chicken salad than I’d like to admit because it’s too dang good!!! When I make a recipe I will post here and add my tweaks for my dietary restrictions and make sure to link you. Thanks for commenting! 🙂


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